Wall arts

It’s time for you to be inspired and inspire people around you!!

#typographyisme is a wall art which inspire you with positive quotes and powerful word of God with attractive typography design. Also, you can be an inspiration for your family and friends and people around you with this Wall art! You may hang them in your wall at home, your room or office. Make it easily seen so others will

be enlightened with your wall arts. #typographyisme Wall Art is also sweet as gifts for your friends and family!

#typographyisme now has different sizes for wall arts.

20cm x 20cm
Mdf wood

Price : IDR 125,000

For direct order, simply reach us on :
Call/ WA. +62858.9144.2200
Line: @typographyisme
BBM : DB0957
Email : wallart@typographyisme.com

We also accept customize size as follows :
*Additional design fee : IDR 100,000
30x30cm IDR 250,000
40x40cm IDR 375,000
50x50cm IDR 525,000
Project execution : 1-3 days (depend on the demands)
*Special size of your own, please consult with us.

Please take time to see our collection below.

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